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We have a deep knowledge of the Life Sciences industry and we practice the art of placing the right people in the right place.

On top of that, we are experts at building trustworthy relationships with the people we work with.  We are here to help you, if you need to hire or if you are looking for a new position.

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Hiresight has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to serve all our clientele. Whether you are looking for a job or recruiting new employees for your company, our expert team members will offer you their full attention and guidance so that you can make the most out of our services. Contact us to learn more about the features we offer our clients.


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Hiresight's number one mission is to connect people. Working with people and building relationship is the essence of our job! Looking for a new job or hiring someone can be a stressful process and we want to transform this process into a pleasant experience.

Don't hesitate to call us, we would love to learn more about you!

Moving to a new country or to a new city in order to start a new life is not an easy thing to do. It is proven that most of the relocations who fail are because the partner didn't adjust to the new environment. With our international network and knowledge we are able to assist you and your family to make sure your relocation is a success.

We specialize in very specific vertical markets within the life sciences industry. That translates in being able to respond faster to our clients's needs and to be able to consult with our clients and candidates about the new trends that we have identified on the market. Would you like to learn more about these different verical markets? please click HERE


CEO & Founder

Simon's journey in the staffing and recruitment industry started back in Brussels (Belgium) in 2010, when he joined a global staffing agency after he obtained his Master in International Business Management.

He started his career as a trainee and he was rapidly promoted to Senior Manager. In 2015, Simon was transferred to San Diego in California, to develop the Life Sciences market.
Simon is passionate about people, about building solid relationships and about the Life Sciences industry. His mission is to connect life sciences companies with the leaders who will help them to build a better future for the patients.

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